Romania (semi 2) - Fred Medeiros

Which 6 of these 12 songs will qualify for the final?  5 being chosen by the jury and the 6th chosen by the public vote.

Song 1 - 2 Gents - “Ielele” - Eliminated

The song starts out in normal mid tempo pop territory but quickly becomes about the percussion both on tribal instruments and knee slapping along with chanting.  It feels very Eurovision in style but needs some production to clean it up.

Song 2 - Georgy - “Tears” - Eliminated

A simple ballad about the destruction of nature with a lovely string backing.  It is that message song that you expect in every competition. She is a very competent singer but overall it comes across as boring and uninteresting.

Song 3 - Olivier Kaye - “Right Now” - Qualified by Jury

The first song with a sense of what it is.  A retro sounding anthem that is well sung by Olivier who seems to be French.  He delivers an exciting performance about this being his time. It could very well be his time, Right Now!

Song 4 - Xonia -  "Discrete" -  Eliminated

Xonia dressed in a leopard catsuit delivers a screeching performance whilst dancing with a male topless dancer.  You see the dancing, outfit and staging have all been rehearsed thoroughly but the vocals unfortunately let down the sweet song.  Sung by another artist this could of been a contender.

Song 5 - TMW - “Make Me Your Man” -  Eliminated

A group of a male lead with 4 female dancers/backing singers bring a song which feels half rock and half sixties styles.  The combination feels weird and the performance feels like they are presenting 2 different songs.

Song 6 -  Johnny Bădulescu  -  "Give Up Now" -  Eliminated

A jean jacket cladded, glasses wearing solo singer delivers a touching song about breaking up.  The first artist that can truly sing and gave us a emotional filled performance. There are 2 dancers that accompany him on stage without taking away from his strong vocal delivery.  One to watch.

Song 7 - Echoes - “High Heels On” -  Eliminated

A rock band, all in black, singing a rock/pop/country song that doesn’t doesn’t seem to go anywhere.  Lots of ooh hoos but that’s about it.

Song 8 - Aldo Blaga - “Your Journey” - Qualified by Televote

Another ballad this time with a tuxedo wearing young man and a couple dancing.  It sounds like a singing competition winner’s song. A message song that builds in a dramatic way.

Song 9 - Letiția Moisescu and Sensibil Balkan - “Daina” - Qualified by Jury

Certainly the Barbara Dex award winning outfit of the night, a bright orange asymmetical wrap around dress covering in a garden of flowers.  Bucks Fizz style costume change as well. The song is a party chant folk song that Eurovision is famous for. Opa!

Song 10 - Laura Bretan - “Dear Father” - Qualified by Jury

Yet another ballad but this one has something.  A young girl dressed simply in white sings about her father but they goes into an operatic chorus.  Extremely different to anything we’ve seen tonight and goes down well in the arena with the loudest cheers so far.

Song 11 - Ester Peony - “On a Sunday” - Qualified by Jury

This time we have a moody mid tempo number with a singer dress all in black and what skin you see is dirty looking.  Lots of heys and jerky camera movements but she told a story at least which I couldn’t say about all the entries tonight.

Song 12 - Linda Teodosiu - “Renegades” - Qualified by Jury

Lastly we have a German singer delivering a diva style ballad that builds to a dramatic chorus.  Linda knows how to work the stage and to sell a song. Not the best song I’ve heard but again it stands out as it very different to anything else this evening.