Iceland (semi 1) - Michele Acott

Iceland has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for nearly 30 years. Their best performances have been in 1999 and 2009 where they came second on both occasions.  They haven’t qualified for a grand final since 2014.

The first semi-final of Iceland’s selection competition, Söngvakeppnin was held last night in Reykjavik. Söngvakeppnin consists of two semi finals each containing 5 songs.  The best two songs in each semi final will proceed to the Grand Final. The public and a panel of judges will vote.

The four qualifiers from the semis and a wild-card (from the songs that have failed to qualify) will compete in the Grand Final.

These are the five songs from last night.  All entries in Söngvakeppnin release two versions of their song – one in Icelandic and one in English.  I’ll include both versions for your listening pleasure and will include the results at the end so I don’t spoilt it for you.

*       Daníel Óliver - ‘Samt Ekki’

English version ‘Licky Licky’ (best I say no more about this…)

A danceable song that reminds me of the Swedish entries from the last couple of years.  They’ll love this in the clubs.

*       Hatari - ‘Hatrið Mun Sigra’

English version - ‘Hate Will Conquer ‘(what a cheery title…) Unfortunately I can’t find a link for this

 Hmmmmm what to say about this. Vicious and aggressive techno-metal verses with a weirdly danceable chorus.  

*       Hera Björk - ‘Eitt andartak’

English version – ‘Moving On’

Hera won Söngvakeppnin  in 2010 where she went on to represent Iceland singing ‘Je ne sais quoi‘ where she placed 19th.

A melodious ballad with soaring vocals. If it doesn’t get sent to Israel I’ll eat my hat! Some may say it’s predictable, but I say ‘you go girl’.

*       Kristina Skoubo - ‘Ég á mig sjálf’

English version ‘Mama Said’

Reminds me of a 1960’s Motown song.  Inoffensive, upbeat and well sung with a catchy chorus.

*       Þórdís Imsland - ‘Nú og hér’

English version -  ‘What Are You Waiting For?’

A sweet pop song with a pleasant melody. Not terribly inspiring though.

Drum roll……… the two acts who have qualified to advance to the final are…..

Hera Björk and Hatari !!!