Montenegro - Nikke Allen

The Montenegran National Final Monteviziija was held on Saturday with 5 artists all vying for the right to represent their country at Eurovision in Tel Aviv this year.

After a cover version of "Inje", last ear's entry and a montage of past Montenegran Eurovision entries, the show started.

1.  D-moll - Heaven

The song opens with the group sitting posed on a backdrop of musical notation which makes quite an impact.   There are six members of the group and all are dressed in black.  The song is a mid-tempo feel good song. and is also in English, but the vocals are a bit undistinguished, however it's a nice change from the usual Balkan uptempo beat by a female singer.   

3.  Monika Knezovic -Nepogrjsivo

A very vibrant red stage and dry ice heralds the start of Monika's song.   She is dressed in gold and has 2 female dancers backing her.   The song starts off slow and then picks up tempo with a good beat.   There's some playing of fake cellos by the backing dancers which I find a bit naff, but overall, Monika has good vocals.

2.   Andrea Demirovic - Ja sam ti san

Red stage and fog rolling over the stage floor plus lazer lights directly behind Andrea.   She is dressed in black and looks rather severe, plus she has a horned devil dancing with her!   Rather a heavy electronic sound to this song but her vocals are good.  Could do without the devil cavorting around her though as it distracts from what is a very powerful song that build to a climax.

4   Ivana  Popovic Martinovic -    Nevinost

Quite a stark stage accompanies the beginning of this song, and there are the obligatory (or so it seems) dancers twirling around in the background.  Ivana is a rather severe looking blonde lady dressed in a cream trousersuit, and delivers her dramatic ballad with style and passion.   The backing dancers seem to be taking over at one stage though and I find them distracting.

5.   Nina Petkovic - Uzmi ili ostavi

Very dark and colourful stage of blues, reds and purples heralds the start of Nina's song.   Brunette Nina is basicakky dressed in a black leotard with a white floaty tulle skirt.  This is a rocky uptempo number and she gives it all she's got, slinking around on the stage whilst still keeping hold of her mike stand.  Oh no, here comes a backing dancer! - this time a bare-chested man to interact with her.  At the end of the song, he creeps up behind her and removes her tulle floaty skirt.

Now the 5 entrants have performed there was both a jury and public vote, and D-Moll and Ivana went to the Super Final, D-Moll eventually winning over Ivana  by 17 points to 12.   Andrea was 3rd with 7 points, and Nina and Monika tied for last place with 4 points each.

Congratulations to D-Moll and see you in Tel Aviv!