Hungary (semi 2) - Ronny Addamo

On Saturday night we found our final four artists to round out the eight grand finalists going through to the A Dal grand final next Saturday. Who will we see flying the Hungarian flag at Eurovision this year, well, actually, I have no idea, but here are my impressions on how the night went down.

Gergö Szekér- Madár, Repülj!

Young Gergö has bought himself a new outfit! Lovely! It’s nice n all but I just feel like I’m watching a white washed version of Joci Pápai. This performance also features Boggie’s tree from 2015! Bless. Judges seemed to love him though with a combined score of 43. Qualified to final

Nomad- A Remény hidjai

This dude still looks like he should be drinking at the corner pub, not singing here. I am too after watching this…. Judges reaction is, thankfully, in agreeance. Score 36 Failed to qualify

Mocsok 1 kölykök- Egyszer

This time around these guys are more relaxed and it shows in the performance. Despite some dodgy camera work, this was kinda good. Score 39 Failed to qualify

Bogi Nagy- Holnap

A sincere and innocent performance from this young lass is a welcome change of pace from all the testosterone that fills these Hungarian national finals. This could be one to watch next week, as a point of difference if nothing else, but I like it. Score 42 qualified to final

Gergö Oláh- Hozzád büjnék

Gergö’s performance started as patchy and loose threaded as his top, but he pulled it all together for quite an impressive and powerful finish. Gergö’s jury score was 41, and would have been the fourth qualifier but the voting public picked another song. Failed to qualify

Timi Antal Ftg. Gergö Demko- Kedves Világ!

Timi and our third Gergö of the evening are a fun bunch to watch. Very enthusiastic performance but the vocals leave it feeling a little empty. I loved this in the heat, but now, in stronger company, it falls flat. Score 38 Failed to qualify 

Fatal Error- Kulcs

I still don’t get it? Despite a steady flow of 8’s from the judges, these old rockers seem more interested in flicking their hair than doing anything constructive, like, you know, writing a tune? This was the voting public pick to the grand final! What is it with these Hungarians and their love for heavy, hair rock? Score 40- qualified to final (public)

Ruby Harlem- Forró

This song would really work if they found a decent vocalist. It’s cringey bad. There was improvement, but seriously, no idea how it got this far. Score 38 Failed to qualify

Joci Pápai- Az Én Apám

Joci’s return is in all Hungarian, rather than Romani, and this fella sure knows how to sell his product. This came through as heartfelt and professional, something a lot of the acts in A Dal this year have really failed at.  Score 45 Qualified to final  

So we will see Gergö Szekér, Bogi Nagy, Fatal Error and Joci Pápai join the first four finalists, Accoustic Planet, Petruska, Bence Vavra and The Middletonz. Will we see the next Eurovision winner in this lot? I personally think not, but, stranger things have happened.


It is rumoured that one of the finalist songs in A Dal could be facing disqualification due to a case of plagiarism. The powers that be have not named the song at this point as they look into the claim. We will keep you updated if any other news is revealed.