Iceland (semi 2) - Tony Peter

The 2nd Semifinal of Söngvakeppnin 2019 was held on Saturday 16 February with five songs competing for the remaining 2 spots in the Final.  Icelanders choose the two songs by a combination of public and jury voting and there is also a wildcard allowed for the broadcaster, RÚV, to bring a fifth song into the Final if they so wish.

Jeijó, keyrum alla leið – Elli Grill, Skaði og Glymur

 Blah, blah, blah, blah indeed.  The bubbles coming out of the flamingo’s butts were the most interesting part of this weird number.  An interesting combination of individuals but the end product turned out to be a “rappy” mess.

 Þú bætir mig (Make Me Whole) – Ívar Daníels

Ívar looks like a big friendly Icelander.  He’s giving us an upbeat country/pop song in a stand and deliver type approach.  It’s nothing revolutionary that’s for sure but competently done.

Helgi (Sunday Boy) – Heiðrún Anna

Heiðrún brought along 3 boys to act as a band for her live performance, not sure which days of the week they were from.  A song straight from the 60’s in the UK. She delivers what she has to work with, well. 

Betri án þín (Fighting for Love) – Tara Mobee

Tara gives off that aloof look like she’s not that keen on being there, maybe because she’s not a dancer or mover.  She’s rocking a bronze jumpsuit but her voice isn’t as powerful as the song deserves.  The crowd love it, probably because it’s the most modern and upbeat song of the night.  It’s a fun song, just requiring a bit more fight.

Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað? (What if I Can’t Have Love?) – Friðrik Ómar

Looking spectacular in his “Eurovision white”, Friðrik adds a bit of excitement to the live version which is much better than he managed in the studio.  The song gives off that Christian soul vibe and would go down quite well at the local Hillsong.  Staging is simple but effective with some good use of darkness and lights.

And through to the Final by popular vote were: 

  • Betri án þín (Fighting for Love) – Tara Mobee

  • Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað? (What if I Can’t Have Love?) – Friðrik Ómar

And the wildcard was given to: 

  • Ég á mig sjálf (Mama Said) - Kristina Skoubo Bærendsen (from Semi 1)

The five song Final, featuring Eleni Foureira, will be held on Saturday 2 March where the artists will have the option to perform their songs in Icelandic or in English (but it must be the version that goes on to Tel Aviv).