Latvia (final) - Luc, Felipe, Marcos & Zac

Good evening, Europe! It’s the final of Latvia’s Supernova contest, and your Saturday night starts right here. Joining us as always are the Power Panel of judges that either love Latvia, love Eurovision, or love to hate on bad vocals. Let’s get started!

Markus Rivas - You make me so crazy

Luc: How could the vocal actually get WORSE? There is nothing to like about this absolute trash. Nil points.

Felipe: Markus is doomed to not qualify if he makes it to Tel Aviv.

Marcos: An improvement from the semis, but needs a major revamp. If this is Latvia’s best hope, get ready for a 3rd straight non-qualifier.

Zac: This would be a nightmare if it were in ESC. Please make it stop.

Edgars Kreilis - Cherry Absinthe

Luc: Catchy, gorgeous pop. Started flat in the second verse but brought it home well. Huit points.

Felipe: I can see this being as big a hit as Loic (Belgium 2015).

Marcos: The closest to being an ESC-ready performance. The vocals were good and the staging was fine.

Zac: This is the most-played song on my National Selections playlist, and I need it to go through!

Aivo Oskis - Somebody’s Got My Lover

Luc: Zzz… the backing vocalists (who carry the song) and their outfits are more exciting than this tune. Quatre points.

Felipe: I don’t like it, the lyrics are bland and the beat is dated.

Marcos: WFT were those backing vocalists wearing? This wasn’t horrible, but please don’t send it to Eurovision.

Zac: You told me I’d hear this song in my nightmares in a decade… pass.

Double Faced Eels - Fire

Luc: I actually like this song, but the performance was lacklustre. Six points.

Felipe: I don’t mind them, but they’re doomed to be a forgettable NQ.

Marcos: This was the best of a bad bunch from their semi, but it’s just ok.

Zac: Agree with Felipe, I’ve heard this type of band a million times in other ESCs and forgotten them all.

Dzili Violets - Tautas dziesma

Luc: This has it all: languages, drama, piano, a gimp, chalk, and a kilt! Neuf points!

Felipe: Not my taste, but wouldn’t be surprised if they won. It would do horribly at Eurovision.

Marcos: Pure trash. Horrible song, weird staging, and weird staged make-out session at the end??

Zac: I almost want this to win because of the ridiculousness of it all.

Laime Pilniga - Awe

Luc: More like LAME! Whining and shouting is NOT singing. Deux points.

Felipe: The main vocalist should always have charisma, and this guy is far from that. This doesn’t do it for me.

Marcos: I liked this during the semis, but something was missing this time. I don’t know if ESC voters would like it.

Zac: I could like this, but I need the vocalist to be stronger. His voice is getting lost.

Samanta Tina - Cutting the Wire

Luc: I adore this performance. Vocal, ‘tude, and sass carry this. Sept points.

Felipe: It’s not bad, but she’s pushing the attitude too much and needs to focus on enunciation. It would need reworking.

Marcos: Super fun, but repetitive. This would need a revamp before it goes to Tel Aviv.

Zac: I like the attitude, but I kept forgetting it was in English. She’s got to work on her diction.

Carousel - That Night

Luc: The folk circus vibe feels more authentic this time. Sept points.

Felipe: I love how chill this is. It might not qualify if it makes it, but I’ll cherish it.

Marcos: Cute and cheesy, I don’t know why I like it but it’s worth a shot.

Zac: The cinematic camera work lends this interest, but the studio version bores me with no visuals.

And in the end, it was Carousel that took home the win That Night, to the delight of some and the confusion of others. That’s it for Team Latvia, we’ll see you in Semi Final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!