Austria - Luis Omar Chong Lopez

Austria is like a rollercoaster , struggling  in the beggingin of the decade in Eurovision, offering a huge variety of music genres and languages (german, english, french and spanish)  

After the unexpected 3rd place of Cesar Sampson in Lisbon ORF repeated the same formula for this 2019, selecting internally the song and perforemer to represent Austria in Tel Aviv.

The expectations were big, as Pænda was know as an electro pop performer,however ORF surprised us with a ballad called Limits which will be included in the new album of her.

The videclip s was aired on March 8th,  showing in the videoclip some images of Viena and presenting   Pænda singing with such an emotive expression (even rolling a tear) that literally it make you feel chills.

The song is an intimate ballad, very emotional and artful and as stated by Pænda the song expresses the  importance to belive in onself in order to find our own way, breaking the limits:

Yeah I’m talking 'bout you, you, you...

And the luck you try to find

You, you, you...

And how hard you try to hide it

Sumarizing, Limits has a great quality and voice, but needs a good stunning staging in order to qualify as Austria will be competing with the Netherlands and Russia. Anyway whichever may be the result, we'll not be disappointed.