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HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion or in English The Next Star for Eurovision is a television competition run to determine who will represent Israel for Eurovision.  This season started in Late November 2018 and finished on the 12th of February 2019.  This season saw 36 episodes of the TV show to decide who would represent Eurovision in 2019.  The 100 plus hopefuls were reduced down to just 4 in the final Episode.

The judges are the usual suspects of Next Star for Eurovision and include;

Shiri Maimon – who is returning this year from New York where she was lead in Chicago the musical

Assaf Amdursky – Singer, Songwriter and producer

Keren Peles – Singer and Song Writer

Harel Skaat - Who represented Israel in Oslo 2010

Static and Ben El Tavori – Israeli Pop Duo (their votes are counted as one)

The format of the show is stars stand behind a screen performing their hit.  The audience votes as well as the judges (judges can add 8% to their score).  The contestant with the highest scores goes through to the next round.

I have included a few of the winner’s (Kobi Marmi) performance over the series from the TV shows website.  I found it very was evident early on that his musical style was quite unique.  Several of his performances he made his own by singing the song in his key which was really quite spectacular.

Kobi Sang

Sweet Dreams by Beyonce 8th December 2018

Jar of hearts by Christina Perri scored 60% 9th January 2019

Mad World by Gary Jules scored 57% against Liat Eliyahu 51% 14th January 2019

Fuego and scored 80% against Maya Bouskila 85% with rise like a phoenix (which was amazing) 19th January 2019

Circle of Life scored 70% 21st January 2019

This is me (from the greatest Showman) 81% 26th January 2019

Diamonds 48% 28th January 2019 (not his best performance) and he got eliminated but then asked back by the judges (No video for this one)

Knocking on Heavens Door on the 7th February.  This was not scored but still amazing

His performance on the 9th February was Russian Roulette by Rhianna and he got a score of 78%

There was another participant that withdrew.  The reason was due to the Eurovision Song Contest, particularly the Grand Final Jury and Grand Final, being held on Friday and Saturday.  The band observes the Shabbat which means you cannot engage in deliberate activity or use of electricity.

Shalva presented Here comes the sun by the Beatles.

Shalva is a musical group of people with special needs and disabilities.  This is not the last we have seen of them; all reports indicate they will be performing as guests at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Final Consisted of;

Kobi Marimi

Maya Bouskila



First Semi Final

Ketrehya - Locked out of Heaven, Bruno Mars - 68%

Shefita - I did it my way - 65%

Maya - Euphoria - 54%

Kobi - Always, Bon Jovi - 79%

Second Semi Final

Shefita - Broken - 165 Points

Kobi - Let it be - 215 Points

Ketrehya - Impossible - 160 points

Here are his two performances


Let it Be

Kobi will sing the song Home at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv.