France - Djamel Adja

First semi-final:

For the first national selection in more than 8 years, France has decided to organize 2 semi finals and 1 final to select the French representative for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

In the first semi-final (January 18th), 3 international judges from Sweden, Belarus, and Italy, along with 3 french judges (including Amir) decided to send 4 candidates (out of 9) to the finals.

After 2 performances for each candidate (one cover and the original song they want to perform in Lisbon in May 2018), it is Lisandro Cuxi who arrived first, receiving twice 12 points from international judges (Belarus and Italy) receiving 66 points total. Followed by Lisandro were Emmy Liana performing OK ou KO, Malo with Ciao, and Louka performing Mamma Mia.

The overall level of performances was very diverse and interesting from french pop, to more international sounds.

While some consider Lisandro as the favorite to win destination Eurovision with a catchy melody and an opportunity to demonstrate his great performance capabilities and voice, I am afraid his song (Eva) is too common for a Eurovision show with high expectations.

Emmy Lyana presented a very interesting song, but I am not sure it "Eurovision" enough.

Malo delivered a very "vocal" performance where he was able to literally welcome us in his universe and create a surprise by getting 12 points from 2 out of 3 French judges.

Louka delivered on a song (Mamma Mia). Very modern and fresh song, I have no doubt the French public will love it. The question is to whether europeans will be seduced by a light french song.