Hungary - Ronny Addamo

As Wayne was in charge of heat one last week it’s my turn to take the reigns and give you my subtle as a sledgehammer point of view on this week’s contenders.

To start things off I’d like to make the observation that Hungary was obviously watching very closely last year to Mr Sobral’s win, and indeed did take note of his ‘fast food music’ comment. Nearly all the songs featured real instruments, and steered clear of what may see as ‘Eurovision pop’. Now to the acts.

Peet project- Runaround

A loungey number, complete with man bun, hipsters and dueling violin and saxophone! Yes, it sounds exciting doesn’t it! Despite its happy vibe, good presentation and decent vocals, it just didn’t really work. Seemed to be lacking something.

Scores- 7-7-8-7-7 did not qualify

Odett- Aranyhal

Hello, It’s Hungarian Duffy! Second song in, and second song with real instruments. The song itself just swings along, with sweet Odett purring over the music, with no real elevation. It’s cute but I can’t see this wowing on the Eurovision stage.

Scores 8-9-8-8-6 Qualified to semi final

Yesyes- I Let You Run Away

Fine looking young man. Heavy accent. This turns very quickly in to a Freddie errr, tribute. Well, minus any real singing gusto. Oh, and memo to the drummer, the 90’s called, they want their jacket back. Oh, he pulls out an accordion in the middle! Wow, tick!

Scores- 10-8-8-8-9 Qualified to semi final

Maya ‘n’ Peti- Nekem te

Was just thinking, this feels really frenchy. Then I notice the backing screens, DUH! I suppose that’s a good thing. Theses guys light up the camera with their smiles, and general cuteness that I genuinely missed the whole Paris reference. It’s a sweet love song (I think) , but ultimately, is lacking some pizzazz.

Scores- 6-6-6-6-6 Did not qualify

Viki Singh- Butterfly House

Last minute addition after a withdrawal and it shows. This is dated, tacky and almost Eurovision by numbers. At times Viki looks bored, and she over sings the entire song. Not good!

Scores- 7-7-7-7-6 Did not qualify

SativuS- Lusta Lány

Impeccable eyebrows Mr lead singer! This is just messy. It sounds more like a group of uni student hipsters jamming together, than anything nearly, remotely ready for Eurovision. Next…….

Scores- 6-7-7-6-8 Viewers choice qualifier (no, I don’t know why either).

Gergely Dánielfy- Azt mondtad

Hungarian mash up of Salvador Sobral with a Ott Lepland chaser. This comes complete with pre-teen facial scruff, Bless. Woah, hold the phone, the boy can sing. This is a very nice, tidy performance. The only turn offs were that our young man failed to connect with the camera, like, at all, and the elderly rather unfortunate looking instrumentalists. A chance if he can correct these two by finals.

Scores- 10-10-8-9-8 Qualified to semi final

Nene- Mese a királyról

Very young performer, in every way. She’s clearly either very inexperienced, or very nervous. Many many bum notes, and pitchy. It’s quite a shame because the song itself has promise. I just kept thinking this kind of ‘Zoe is lost in wonderland’ staging wise.

Scores- 7-8-8-8-6 Did not qualify

Gábor Heincz Biga- Good Vibez

Yes! This one! A very simple, guitar groove fest. As the title suggests this fellow is indeed bringing the good vibez in spades! Great vocals too! This has serious potential!

Scores- 9-9-9-8-8 Qualified to semi final

AWS- Viszlát nyár

Ooh, some heavy rock, scream fest. Look, it’s not badly done, but it’s your average Euro rock number and performance, nothing more, nothing less. If this was to become Hungary’s Eurovision entrant they’d seriously want to find an interesting edge or totally out there staging, otherwise this will be filed as ‘this year’s forgettable rock song, brought to you by Hungary’

Scores- 9-9-9-9-9 Qualified to semi final

Well, there you have it. My personal take on heat two. I feel Hungary may struggle this year, as I’m not hearing anything screaming out with originality or mass appeal. But that’s just me I guess…

Now back to Wayne for heat three……