Hungary - Ronny Addamo

A DAL 2018 Semi-final one

This week we reach the first semi-final of Hungary’s Eurovision selection A Dal. The format for this week is much the same as the heats, only the jury members only put three acts through to the final, and the home audience, as always puts through another act after the jurors have delivered their result. As I have had the (dis)pleasure of seeing some of these acts already, I’ll try and add something new. It’s literally, whatever pops into my head whilst watching. So here goes

Ham ko Ham- Bármerre jársz

Our resident gypsy band are still colourful and fun as ever. They again, call lots of ‘hey na naaas’ and….. yeah, that’s about it. It feels like a merrier version of last years Joci on a very tight budget.


Gábor Heincz Biga- Good Vibez

Once again, the desired ‘vibez’ are delivered from our middle-aged Mr Nice Guy. The song delivers on pretty much every level, and he even plays with balloons! Bless! Still a big fan of this one


SativuS- Lusta lány

Mr Eyebrows and his band of merry people are back and sadly, this is still a not so hot mess. I Think jacket pins were on special in Hungary this week. Two acts in a row. Yes, it was that exciting.


Gabi Knoll- Nobody to die for

Gabi, with her cape, glitter and disco ball still misses the mark. I’m trying to pin point what’s gone wrong here. The vibe, hmm, semi sexy, could be it? The phrasing sounds off, maybe? Her diction is all over the shop, perhaps? I just don’t know, but I should LOVE this. I don’t. But points for being the lone female lead vocalist of the entire show.


Maszkura és a tücsökraj- Nagybetüs szavak

Cruisey hat dude brings his um…. Interesting sounding Hungarian words that I dare not spell in English. I feel if this were the entrant it would need a R Rating for mature audiences. That is still the most entertaining aspect of this song, the rest leaves me vacant.


Zsolt Süle- Zöld a május

Glasses and chins!! That’s what I’m calling this one. Did Hungary go for a circus theme this year that no one told me about? So dull! I couldn’t care less about this


Roland Gulyas- H Y P N O T I Z E D

Oh Roland, so pretty, so Freddie wannabe. At least it’s not a circus song and I could actually see it on a Eurovision stage. Oh, I repeat, Roland, so pretty, but so very bland


Gergely Dánielfry- Azt mondtad

I do really like this heartfelt little ditty. But Boy, open up those peepers and look into that camera! It’s like television staging 101. Why has no one told him this? This song could do big things with some fine tuning. It has improved since the heats but I fear it won’t be quick enough.


Leander Kills- Nem szól harang

This is a lovely piece of ethno grumble rock. I’d actually love to know the story of this song as they seem to be telling it really well. Sadly, the lead singer is being left behind by that magnificent music around him. It’s a very solid entry though.


To sum things up I'd say it wasn’t a great semi-final, but I’d have picked three of the four qualifiers. I’d add some Gabi Knoll in there for some gender equality. I’m hoping Wayne will have a much more positive report of next weeks semi as I’m struggling to see Hungary get past semi-final two at this point.