Slovenia - Sevket Yigit

EMA 2018- Slovenia Final- Yes, thank you!

Slovenia likes to get it done pretty fast. In short two weeks we have the winner of EMA 2018. Here she comes: Lea Sirk with her song “ Hvala, ne !” “ No, thank you!”

Before I start talking about the winning song, just a quick review about other finalists and the voting.      

2-BQL-“ Ptica or Promise”-106 points

This boy duo was the runner up with 106 points and the televote winner. They must be really upset because this is the second time in a row they are missing the ticket to ESC. Apparently they are very popular in Slovenia but I see nothing special in their song. They chose to sing in English at the EMA final. Lighted guitars changing colors as they were singing was an interesting touch.

 3-Nuška Drašček-"Ne zapusti me zdaj" -88 points        

Another popular Slovenian name Nuška came third with a song which was presented in a typical Slovenian way. Honestly we saw many examples of it in the past and I guess Slovenians love this kind of songs and choreography: Two girls and two guys aimlessly walking on stage, dancing out of sync etc etc etc. A perfect vocal show from Nuška though.

4- Lara Kadis-"Zdaj sem tu"- 74 points                                       

Lara looked very elegant with her beautiful dress on stage. The song, in my opinion, was very powerful and had Asian influences in it. I wish this would go to Second Chance Contest.

5- Proper-"Ukraden cvet" -54 points

This is one act which I don’t understand how got a ticket to EMA final. There were two pianos, a drum, a guitar and a singer with herpetic lips. It was more like a high school musical performance.

6-Ina Shai- “ Glow”-38 points

Although came 6th, Ina got the highest points from the international jury (which included Dami Im, Emmelie de Forest    by the way). She preferred to sing in English in the final. The song was midtempo and very repetitive. Personally it was nothing special although the experts apparently didn’t think so.                        

7-Indigo-"Vesna"-18 points

This was like Norway meets Ireland meets Ukraine type of song. Violin from Norway, hairdo from Ukraine, some Celtic sounds scattered here and there. Ethno pop/rock style.

It really deserved a better ranking.

8- Marina Martensson-"Blizu"- 10 points                      

Another act which surprised me when qualified for the final. She had big hair, big hand jewelry but had a very tiny impression on everyone.

And finally the winner: Lea Sirk- “ Hvala, ne !”-116 points.

First of all, I am very happy that my favorite act won. Second of all, I was right on it by predicting the winner. Lea got the top points from the jury (including OGAE Slovenia) except international jury. She came third at televotes.

I am also very happy that Slovenia, for the first time, chose something totally out of their conventional safety zone. They are not making last year’s mistake and probably they are gambling, although with a high likelihood of a good outcome. Lea is a 28 -year -old artist who is very lovely and dynamic on stage. This was her 4th EMA participation and finally persistence paid off.

The song is extremely catchy. Presentation is quite avantgarde. It floats in between rap,club,trans, techno,electronica and conventional pop. Definetely a candidate to be a club favorite as well as a candidate for the tracklist at your local indoor cycling class.

Finally I want to say, Slovenia may have a chance to win 2018 ESC (also considering what we have from other countries so far). Ljublyana 2019 maybe?

Here is the link for the winning performance.