Latvia - Nathan Mountford & Chris Hockman

Supernova 2018 has come to a conclusion, insert sad face. Congratulation to Laura Rizzotto who’ll be flying to Lisbon in May with her song Funny Girl. Thanks for following our reviews, Chris and Nathan.

 Sudden Lights – Just Fine

It’s a bit darker than your typical Eurovision song which means it probably wouldn’t have done so well in Lisbon. I actually thought it was a good song but the staging would certainly have needed a lot of work, despite that it came in second place. CH

Ritvars - Who’s Counting

This got way to stripped back for the final. The gold lights in the semi gave it a more classy look and created some kind of feeling, which this song kinda needs to stop you from falling asleep! NM

 MADARA - Esamiba

She looked much more relaxed here than in the semi. A few different camera angles helped to focus more attention on her and a few smiles goes a long way. But something is missing with this song, I think it is too quiet. NM

 Liene Greigane – Walk the Talk

It’s a bit of an older style, with this synth jazz sound to it and she can sing well enough before blowing it with the “yeahs” breakdown. There’s nothing really pushing this ahead of the others as it came second last. CH

 Lauris Valters – Lover’s Bliss

If you’re going to open with just vocals, you’ve got to absolutely nail it and Valters just didn’t. When he got going it had a good INXS sound to it, but that’s maybe not a good thing for Eurovision with Valters finishing in last place. CH


Edgars Krelis – Younger Days

I really dig the music behind this one, but my goodness poor Edgars couldn’t live up to that vocally, just completely blowing the vocals. By the time Krelis got the vocals under control it was too late to get the win. CH


Laura Rizzotto - Funny Girl

This is one of those performances that you just stop, be quiet and watch. It is a simple jazz number, with predictable lyrics, but Laura really knows how to sell this song. She has good pronunciation and knows how to work the camera. The sign of a professional is being able to take criticism, the dress, and make changes. This could do really well in Lisbon with the right team. NM


Markus Riva - This Time

I actually like this song but he just can’t sing well live. He needs something to distract not make you pay attention. Not this time, I wonder if he’ll be back next year! NM