Belgium - Nigel Bond

So these national reports are, as the name suggests, supposed to be all about how the national broadcaster selected the song and the artist.  I am not saying Belgium is dull, but in its selection process it does not give much to report.  

Way back in in September last year the Belgian broadcaster Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT) announced it had made an internal selection of Laura Groeseneken.  It was the first country to announce who will be going to Lisbon.  At that time it had not decided if she would be singing under her own name or under her stage name Sennek - that decision would take another four months.  You may think that "Sennek" sounds like the latest brand name for an Ikea bookcase, well, Laura's day job is as a visual merchandiser for Ikea.  Belgian Euroviz broadcasters (yes, it is plural as Belgium being Belgium the ESC broadcasters alternate each year between Flemish and Walloon) have previously had a bit more excitement in artist selection; this year there is none.

Although Belgium was the first country to announce its artist, it was one of the last to announce the song.  With the excitement building VRT was all set to reveal Laura's song (which she wrote herself, perhaps why it took 6 months) on a breakfast radio show.  And at this point we finally got some interest, intrigue, and scandal in the process as the song was leaked online  two days early!  Wow!  How exciting?  The song is A Matter of Time.  It is described by Laura as a unique pop song with a mysterious feeling.   She is a top 5 favourite according to the bookies;  I have no idea why.  I'll leave any comment to the reviews. 

The next mystery is what will Laura wear!  It is reported that she will wear fresh underwear, and her dress will look “pretty” and "It will be something special” but the rest it is still a tantalizing secret.