Azerbaijan - Michele Acott

28 year old Aysel Mammadova known professionally as Aisel will be competing for Azerbaijan in semi final one of Eurovision 2018.

Aisel will be singing “X My Heart” (the ‘X’ means ‘cross’)– a very radio-friendly pop song.  Aisel is a consummate performer with a beautiful singing voice. She has strong jazz roots and loves to sing soul, lounge music and many different genres. She has a great ‘live’ singing voice – which will set her well for the competition.

Sandra Bjurman who wrote the Azerbaijani 2011 winning song “Running Scared” and Dimitris Kontopoulous who wrote the extremely successful “You Are The Only One” that gave Russia a third place final finish in 2016 teamed up to write “X My Heart” for Aisel. What a fabulous team – I’m expecting great things from Azerbaijan again this year!

Apparently the stage design will be done by Fokas Evangelinos of “This Is Love” (Greece, 2017).

The song is upbeat and danceable, but it contains some really weird lyrics ‘Misty moon I’m in your loon” and “I’ll never stop, luna moon me up to the top”, What does that even mean?  I don’t think it matters – the song is great and has a really catchy chorus “I cross my heart, I tear down the firewalls. I cross my heart, I’m stronger than cannon balls….”  I’m sure the audience will really get into this song and sing along during Aisel’s performance.

A really great song that I think will definitely go to the finals and will be a popular song in the Euroclub.