2019 Ticket List

We have completed the #2019Points tally and have transferred this to the ticket list, which means it is now prioritized in order. You can view it here.

If you are on the ticket list, can you please check the points table and ensure your points tally is correct. If you do not believe it is, please email us at contact@ogaerotw.com - it is important you email and do not contact a board member directly. The work on the points opportunities was shared, so we all have the detailed records for different points opportunities. If you email we can direct your query to the correct board member for those points for a response. The points list is very difficult to read on a phone due to it's size, so please check it on a tablet or laptop.

If you are on the ticket list and no longer plan to travel to Israel, please also email us so that we can remove your name.

We all need to manage our expectations on how many packages may be available. The arena is much smaller than previous years, so if packages are made available to OGAE it is highly unlikely that we would get enough to enable everyone on the list to purchase one.

Halloween Costume Competition

In a number of countries in the Rest of the World family Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. Costumes are a big part of Halloween, so we want to see your best Eurovision inspired Halloween costume! All you need to do is send a photo to contact@ogaerotw.com by no later than Noon CET on 2 November. Not only will all eligible entries earn 15 points towards the #2019Points list, we will select some of the best and members will be asked to choose their the top costume of 2018. Because we are all treat and no trick, that member will win a prize!

A few rules:

  • You must be the person wearing the costume in order to earn the points.

  • The photo does not need to have been taken during the competition period, so long as it depicts you in a Eurovision themed costume.

  • Be aware that all photos submitted will be placed on the Group Facebook page (noting though it is a closed group and that only members can see what is posted). Those shortlisted will also be placed on the website (using your first name only). If you decline to have your photo on the website (which you must state when sending it in) you will not be eligible for the best costume prize.

  • All members who send a photo that meets the rules will be awarded 15 points for the #2019Points list.

Important news on membership cards for all members

The OGAE network has recently approved a proposal by OGAE International to move to an electronic membership card. We will be using a smartphone application called "Cardskipper" to provide the cards. There are going to be a lot of benefits to this - mainly that people will be able to get their cards and membership numbers very quickly upon joining, and no longer need to wait up to a year for a card run to be done. Also makes it harder to lose!

The roll out will be phased, with all clubs on line by February 2019. It will require you to have a smart phone. Whilst we can in exceptional circumstances allow you to keep your membership on your physical card (if you do not have a smart phone), as you will no longer count as a member for the purposes of the ticket list (this has been stipulated by OGAE International - this is not a club specific rule), you will no longer be able to access fan club tickets.

We don't know yet when our Club will have the new cards rolled out, but we will let you know as soon as we do.

If you have requested a physical card since the last card run in late 2017 it will NOT be produced. You will only receive the electronic card.

We will only be adding members who have renewed for 2018/19 to the electronic membership cards. Those who are yet to renew will only be added when they do. This is because we have to pay for each member we load.

In the coming weeks I will be sending a survey to all current 2018/19 members to get some additional details to make it easier for us to distribute your app code to you, and in turn easier for you to load it on your smart phone.

At the 2019 AGM we will also revisit the membership fees as a result of this change as we expect that it may reduce our Club's operating costs. As the majority of members have already renewed for this year we will keep renewals at 5 Euro for the remainder of the year for fairness reasons.