Hungary (Heat 2) - Ronny Addamo

Hello fan clubbers, it is my great service to bring you my unbiased opinion of the goings on in A Dal 2019 heat 2, Hungary’s vehicle for choosing their Eurovision entry. AS my team Hungary counterpart Chris has stated, this year was an identical set up to last year and I’ll go so far as to say, I think most of the proceedings were in fact, leftovers from last year, but more on that later.

Before I get to the songs and qualifiers of this heat id like to put my 2 cents worth on the judges and voting, I am frankly, a little annoyed by the judges. They seem hell bent on regurgitating anything that Hungary did well in the last few years. I am now at the point where I think these judges most likely know the candidates and that this process in quite biased. Then the public get to choose just one, from the pool after the judges. Basically, the public have a choice by the grand final of who the judges have put there. This seems a little unfair as the public are the ones who are voting. Why not add an international jury to even the playing field. oh wow, I’m off on a tangent... back to business.

Song one- La Mama Hotel- Dávid Heatlie

It’s an ok start to the show, interesting stage set up. He’s easy on the camera and things are going ok, if a little flat vocally. Oh, that’s it? Nothing actually happened... oh well, next…

Song two- Roses- The Middletonz

Andras and co hits the stage sporting a High Man bun, tatts and a lot of attitude. The phrasing of this song is totally out of whack, by the time the Rap arrives, I honestly am hating my life. It all seems to plastic and pretentious

Song three- You’re Gonna Rise- Klára Hajdu

Girlfriend is very pitchy and the whole message and staging of this number were tired and cliché at best.

Song four- Csak 1 Perc- Gotthy

This guys big break, this is not! Vocals are seriously all over the place. He has a sweet smile and innocence but it can’t save this hot mess. Wow, how did this even get here?

Song five- Nyári zápor- Acoustic Planet

Ooh I love a vase player! This must be the ‘credible’ folk entry of the night. Apparently. She looks like she’s going to cry, and seems to be believing what she’s peddling, though at this point, I could care less

Song six- Kulcs- Fatal Error

Oh dear, hey guys, the 90’s called, they want their hairstyles, outfits, head banging and punk back! Look, last years scream fest was new, different and quite well done, but this, well its just not. It’ s like the boys from last year went back in time and certainly not in a good way. Why are we re-treading?

Song seven- Szótlanság- Bence Vavra

Nothing new or exciting to see here, but it sounds solid, and safe. His vocals didn’t quite make the cut though.

Song eight- Little Bird- Diana

Oh wow, someone make it stop. This little bird is screeching at me and I don’t even know why! Quite boring despite that

Song nine- Ő The Sign

I like the recorded version of this. All white ensembles, very ESC. Harmony wise, this is quite messy. The ideas are there and just needing some fine tuning to bring this up to good!

Song ten- Incomplete- YesYes

These returnees still haven’t worked on their live vocal issues of last year. The stage concept is strong and probably the most accomplished of the night, but those vocals. The fans will love this though


Well after what I just witnessed, I feel the judges must have actually had a hard job this heat. Nothing was remarkable or vocally strong. In the end the judges went with safety. The qualifiers

Kulcs- Fatal Error… huh? Are you serious?

Nyári zápor- Acoustic Planet… I see what they’re doing here...

Roses- The middletonz-.. yep go safe judges

Ő The Sign-.. Yep the closest thing to kedvesem

Szotlanság- Vavra Bence.. something had to fill it

The song which got the highest public votes that hadn’t already qualified were

Incomplete- YesYes… as expected

So, I leave this heat in the hope that a lot of games are lifted by the semi finals and wish my other team Hungary counterpart, Wayne, all the best with next weeks heat. Passing the baton on now, and hopefully we see some fresh, new sounds and attitudes for next week…