Latvia (Semi Final 1) - Luc, Felipe, Marcos & Zac

The first Semi-final for Latvia’s Supernova, the talent search for their next representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, kicked off on January 26th.  And our expert panel were ready to provide commentary, and whether they believe the act should progress to the final.

Kris and Oz – Midnight Streets:

Luc: Sparkly Erykah Badu got pipes! Liking the late night Jazz vibe.  It’s a Yes from me.

Felipe: Jumping on the alternative bandwagon, meh vocals and predictably boring.  No.

Marcos: It was okay.  But no.

Zac: Won’t hold anyone’s attention for longer than 30 seconds. No.

Alekks Silvers – Fireworks:

Luc: Golem searching for babies to eat.  This song is as bad as the vocals… and that’s BAD.  No.

Felipe: Looking forward to this Aminata penned song, but it was a big miss.  Boring bubblegum.  No.

Marcos: The staging elevated it a tad, with the colour splash.  Backing vocals by neighbourhood moms.  No.

Zac: He reminds me of Alekseev from 2018. Similarly, not a qualifier with vocal limitations.  No

Liga Ridene – Busu Tepat:

Luc: 80’s soap opera star sings with conviction, but I don’t really care.  No.

Felipe: A ballad in national tongue works wonders, and witSupernova 2019

Marcos: Nice vocals, decent song, but it belongs in another decade.  No.

Zac: Love ballads in national tongue, but there is literally no energy in her voice.  36th place? Yeah…

Laime Pilniga - Awe:

Luc: Dork with a side part and his hipster harem serve this to the kale and quinoa quaffing kids.  NO.

Felipe: Looked like he was trying way too hard, A Friend in London wannabe.  Messy.  No.

Marcos: While the lead singer was a little OTT, there was a cool Fleetwood Mac undertone.  Yes.

Zac:  Everything about this is a hard NO from me. NO!

Edgars Kreilis- Cherry Absinthe:

Luc: Charm, Attitude and a whole lotta spunk!  Very engaging singer and performance.  YES!

Felipe: While the lyrics are a little repetitive, the beat is enjoyable and the delivery was great.  I’d say this is a hit.  Yes.

Marcos: Good vocals and staging.  The lyrics were a little strange, but the best seen so far.  Yes.

Zac: Unironically, I like this.  The stage show has personality and the vocals aren’t bad at all!  Yes.

Elza Rosentale – You Came on Tiptoe:

Luc: Scales and a Side-Pony, Swinging Sally and shaky (but sultry) vocals.  This was TOO random.  No.

Felipe: Poor Elza; nasal vocals, poor diction and an awful key-change.  A huge miss for me.  No.

Marcos: This was just plain weird.  Acrobatics were unnecessary, cringeworthy lyrics and bad vocals.  No.

Zac: Bad lyrics, good voice.  I would pass this to the final with the hope something better beats it.  Yes.

Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s Got My Lover

Luc: Amateur hour for poor square-head.  Lyrics lost in translation.  Not horrible, not great.  No.

Felipe: This is the epitome of Supernova cliché.  Awful live, but a good shot of the backing singer.  No.

Marcos: Cringey lyrics and a little repetitive but enjoyable beat and didn’t mind the vocals.  Yeah.

Zac: Not a good voice, and awkward lyrics.  Nothing rhymed, the chorus was repetitive but not catchy.  No.

Samanta Tina – Cutting the Wire:

Luc: Attitude, high pants, interesting sound, great vocals and a buffet of boobs!  YES!

Felipe: She came across pretentious, and the sound was awful.  Really poor diction.  No.

Marcos: I had a lot of fun with this song.  Good vocals, but the song doesn’t offer too much. Yes.

Zac: If Latvia sent this, it wouldn’t be the worst thing.  Great stage presence.  Accent as thick as her hairspray!  Yes.

There you have it.  The panel has spoken.  And so did Latvia.

Advancing through to the final:  Laime, Edgars, Samanta and Aivo.

Stay tuned for Semi-final 2 next week!