Iceland - Nikke Allen

The Icelandic semi final 1 took place last Saturday night. Six entries performed, three of which would advance to the final on March 3rd.

1.  Ég mun skína – Þórunn Antonía  is a popular pop singer and founder of a huge fb movement.... so she should have a lot of support  She and two female backing singers are dressed very skimpily in futuristic silver foil outfits and glitter silver eyeshadowThe song is very light and doesn't have much of an impact.   It's pleasant enough and she does acrobatics on a ladder as well whilst singing but that does detract from the song. It seems more of a show/act than a song.

2.  Ég og þú – Tómas og Sólborg   This is a cutesy lovesong performed very intimately and she has the largest hoop earrings I've ever seen.  They tend to circle around each other on the dark stage and sing to each other. However their vocals are decidedly off key when ascending to a higher scale.  For those wondering about her skinhead look, she and a group of friends promised to shave their heads if they would be able to raise 1 million ISK for Children at war.  The song reaches its crescendo and they are still painfully off key.   Thank goodness that's ended!

3.  Heim – Ari Ólafsson   Personable young guy with shining eyes and big smile sings an angsty ballad.  He stands at the mike, with guitarists  and drummer backing him on stage. His voice is is full of feeling and gathers strength along with the song, although a bit screetchy towards the end.   The last line is delivered with quivering emotion and the song is well received

4.  Kúst og fæjó – Heimilistónar   Four actresses/comediennes dressed up as desperate housewives might be the surprise of this years NF. They are standing on little podiums onstage and (pretending to?) play drums,  keyboard, and guitar, all dressed in floor length gowns of different colours and have enough necklaces around their neck to sink Belgium.  It's a typical knockabout ESC song that almost appears like a parody, with a honking sax.  Their performance is pretty bland for all that.  it's also the only song that will be for sure in Icelandic should they go to Lisbon.

5. Aldrei gefast upp – Fókus   This 5 piece vocal group look a bit mismatched onstage.   Their song starts off slow and a bit shaky but when they all sing together the song really gathers strength and energy.   They are a bit static onstage at first and a bit nondescript but their harmonies are good and they seem a fun bunch of people.  Towards the end of the song they loosen up and move around a bit more but they could do with some sort of complimenting or co-ordinating outfits if they get to Lisbon.   Just some sort of cohesive look to tie the song in with the performance.

6. Guðmundur – Litir   He is probably the most surprising contestant this year as he is well known as a footballer.  He  is dressed casually and sings sitting on a bench, acting out the song with a woman.   He performs with sincerity but the song feels very flat and uninspired, almost plodding, and lacks sparkle.

Through to the final are Fokus, Ari and Heimilstonar.