Latvia - Chris Hockman

Latvia Semifinal 2

Hypnotic – Pray

Well they’re definitely interesting outfits, and I really enjoyed the modern beat of the song, felt like an Aminata style beat, unfortunately the dinging doesn’t match up to that at all. It got better as it went on but you only get one chance to make a first impression and they couldn’t do it.

MADARA – Esamiba (Qualified)

It’s haunting, it’s beautiful, and it’s different. If you’re into ballads this is the song for you, has a real calm feel to it. She manages to stage the song well despite the constraint of the cello, it’s hard to see how it will be staged in Lisbon but it’s a very nice song and deserved to advance.

Markus Riva – This Time

The man can sing and his staging had a real “I can’t go on” vibe to it, the black and white opening may have been a bit much. I could see the song doing well but unfortunately the voters disagreed and Riva will be staying home.

In My Head – Sunset

A solid blend of styles in this entry with a bit of the “Rain of Revolution” to it, which probably counted against it, the staging was nice, and the costuming is cool but the vocals just weren’t strong enough, at some point we have to remember it’s a song contest and In My Head fell just short.

Ritvars – Who’s Counting (Qualified)

Getting a real 80s and jazzy feel to this one with that Yamaha synth, but I have to say I’m not feeling his voice, it’s just not very strong and not hitting the notes well. Even he seems bored by this song, which is rather dull but somehow qualified.

Monta – 1000 Roses

Facing side on is definitely an interesting move to start on, it would have been interesting to see this concept develop for the stage in Lisbon. She can definitely sing, she’s got a good voice that would fit well in a girl group and could actually have done well in Eurovision I’d like to see her back again.

Riga Reggae – Stop the War U2

So I’m a big ska fan, the idea of this one excited me, with peace and love a big reggae theme it could definitely fit in Eurovision. Unfortunately this isn’t the band to do it there’s just not a good enough vocal here to carry it through especially when it’s a new concept for many Eurovision fans.

Join us next week for the third semi-final where you will get to hear from both myself and Nathan Mountford for the last two qualifiers for the final.