Sweden (Final) - Mirko Hernandez

Melodifestivalen  2018 Final

·        “Everyday”, Mendez. He have the best chance to open the show with a strong Latinamericans rhythmic song at the start I thought was a “Despasito “ second part. Mendez was born in Chile 42 years ago but has moved to Sweden from along, have him a background of get the best position in Spanish/Swedish song with “Adrenaline” in 2002 and got repeat Spanish/English  in 2003 with “Carnaval”.After a while he back to get a ticket and represent Sweden in a great Scenic show with a perfect choreography created by Zain Odeltål. He as a great singer  explot the stage full of LED lights, Smoke and colorfully gold and Lila. This song since the beginning makes you dance and tells about a guy from  sudamerican  who feeling in love with a European girl. I hear a lot comments about Mendez since how stereotypical and normative but hearing from him in a interview he is full of life and positive vibes. Tonight he show on the stage we will have more from Mendez. As he said at the middle interview was full of nervous and just wanted Åke dance all Sweden people.

·        “All the Feels”Renaida. She is one of four  debutant in Melodifestivalen this year to get the final.With just  20 years she is originally from Tanzania. Nowadays she lives in Nyköping with a lovely family, she got a experience in Sweden Idol 2016. Seen like a great promise in the music business carismatic and charming girl with much energy as she said this song tells about to “get what you really want”, in the stage are six guys dancing with orange outfit in a white and black colors and Led lights of course a led stairs. Consider a Urbam/modern song with a mix of speed a ballads touche full of energy and a  dance part tonight she promise a song with cheerfully effect. Well after the technical problems But accorden to the rules she might stop it But as We know in show lives always anithing could happens.

·        “A bitter lullaby” Martin Almgren, this third enter also in English are a great example how great and talented singer coming from Sweden to present around the world. Martin was born in Orebrö in 1987 he won Swedish Idol 2015 . This fantastic song have completely midtempo with a strong voice and rich lyrical makes interesting from a modest point of view, I can say this country pop have Martin alone in the stage with full of lights and a Nordic outfit style tonight he makes a really great job I hope he get better result next time.

·        “My Turn” John Lundvik, He is one of my favourite  from the very first time. John with 34 years old he had participated before in the show as a writer in 2014 but this is his Turn this  year with  a amazing song, he had as background also being part of the wedding ceremony of the crown princess of Sweden Victoria singing :“When you tell the world – You are mine”. This modern Ballad have a lot from the  beginning of  hin playing a piano and with collaboration of Lotta Fereback and Mari Ryberge creating a solo choreography his have the styling of any Klaus Berglud in a stage full of lights of pyrotechnic makes more authentic but not too extremely. This melody is a modern ballad as a said but with modern flavours with much show to offer and tempo.i do love the last touché he give in the full of emotions presentation.

·        “Party Voice” Jessica Andersson. I read this song are consider in the kategory as  upptempopopshlager modern…sound too much for me just as a good Eurofan might could saying “Shalger”. We can recognising she and Magnus was in Riga representing Sweden in 2003 getting a great fifth position with their song “Give me your love” not too far she back into the melodifestivalen in the year after but couldn’t success and few more participation. She said this opportunity are the best to make everyone dance “as a mother” and age doesn’t  matter. I do really got a great impact on the stage Jessica and four dancer with the very good working  choreographed is also from Zain Odelsål combine with the black outfit she wear and the Lila and blue colours on the stage don’t forget the famous glitter what is really common in this music contest have protagonist too. Jessica enjoy being in the show with a lot of adrenaline.

·        “Last breath” Liamoo, I read he had said this song mean a lot to get into deep and positive motivation riding off all the bad experiences in our life’s. This electronic hip hop music is presenting Hin alone at the stage with a LED lights effects (black and red)  smoke creates the perfect combination to consider a great enter tonight . From Christer Bjökman said “ It’s a very modern pop song” I consider it’s he right at all. We had seen a lot of show in this presentation with change tempo and almost not Dans. He was so nervous after he was at the stage.

·        “Shuffla” Samir and Viktor. They back to this opportunity after got a great experience in past years  Samir with 27 years old seen more able to deal with this presion of the stage as he said and Viktor with 22 have more in easy going to deal with the fans. This song are quite full of energy pretending to makes every one dance as they did to night with this perfect show  and 100% of tempo and of course don’t fortet to talk about the Saxophonist Guy. I had remember in 2015 with “Groupie” and “Banda Nakna” in 2016 they bring the same melodi and this kind of presentation they are Really know as take(running) all the stage and focuses  in a Young market  with those dans step.

·        ”For you” Mariette. I was in friend arena yesterday Friday for one of the general rehearsal and I see a Really mature Mariette with a lot to offer as she did tonight, her voice and all the complements in stage make this special song a great chance to take the Price  of Eurovision. Mariette 34 years old its Well know in the melodifestivalen for  being participated before But this year she took the risk of being alone with this LED pyramid and with this modern pop, the entire three minutes on the stage are really focus with this visual efects  to make a magical performance.  Don’t forget to mention the clearly choreography by Zain Odelstål.

·        “Every single day” Felix Sandman. Another solo in the show and with something interesting as beginning his performance in the dark stage and big microphone well after at all we seen David the host taking as parody, with at least 20 years old  Felix was born in Värmo he had experience taking part in the contest the last year with a group of guys calling FO&O. Back to this Ballad  have a well done choreography combined with this LED Ligths  on red, yellow and blue what it’s. Insider the favorite in this show. Having a touché of drama he was consider one of the favorite today afternoon but was not his year.

·        “In my Cabana” Margaret. With only 19 years old this Polish girl coming to conquer all Sweden with this tropical dancing and fresh melody. I consider myself one of the guys who like to see a performance in the stage with danseur and surprise I do love all the well done work in her outfits  what it’s perfect with added in this LED scream  what having a sand & solen inviting you to have a piña colada. I could said this perfect song are ready for the coming summer, se I catchy and full of dance. Lovely the Poland jury give then the 12 points.

·        “Dance you off” Benjamin Ingrosso. The winner this year had not easy at all with this strong list of competitors but it’s was coming since he appear in the stage with this minimalist and club vibe song, alone with this  LED lights lines on the back and this sexy jacket were Sweden couldn’t resist and make his represent in Lisabon. I keep talking about the choreographer because I do focus in the show and all what are involved. Only three minutes needing to impress as we all know it’s more about. I feel like some retro style and he is a young guy with a lot of potencial what we could said about his background and family have a lot to said.

·        “Fuldans” Rolands. This group have as singer to the well know actor and comedian Roland Järverup, what it’s honor because makes this show more interesting in Swedish said *Herregud /Oh my God* and move all their humanity on the stage makes fuldans a great performance. I hope could Sweden could bring more of this in the future.