Ukraine (Semi 2) - Luis Braga

#1 : “Save my planet” Ingret

In the postcard, Ingret (runner-up in The Voice of Ukraine 2017) has scenes of tornados, wind and open fields behind her. It all ends up with a lovely Samoyedo beside. The song itself is hop-hop turning into pop. Ingret’s voice sounded very shaky and the whole performance is a bit of a mess, with holograms of fish and other sea creatures floating around while she tries to sing.

#3 : "Hto ya?" Julinoza

Julinoza is a Ukrain­ian alt­ernative music band and on the postcard Juli, the lead singer, opens a door to some unknown blue space. “Hto ya” (who am I) is performed on stage by Juli playing the piano and it is a melodic ballad that could have been very pleasant if she was more consistent, voice wise.

#6 : "Stop Killing Love" Yurcash

This rock band was the runner-up in the Ukrainian X Factor 2017, and brought on stage a very catchy rock song. They are dressed like ancient pilgrims and “Stop killing love” has nuances of opera singing in between the rock parts. In a way, very amusing and with a more polished performance, could have done better.

#7 : “I see you” Mountain Breeze

Mountain Breeze was formed in 2014 and ended up in third place in the Ukrainian X-Factor 2016. This song starts as a very nice pop ballad, with some vocal harmonization, but getting into the first chorus it looses a bit of charm… and then… surprise! It gets more pop, more catchy. Maybe it would have qualified if they kept the pace of the upbeat parts instead of slowing down every now and then.

#8 : "Syla" Illaria

Illaria has been singing since 2006 and in 2012 entered The Voice of Ukraine, being eliminated in the semi-finals. She came second last in Vidbir 2017, with the song “Thank you for my way”. This time, performed against a fire-gold background, “Syla” (Power) is a pop-ethnic song, to which Illaria lends her confident and strong voice. This is catchy and the use of traditional instruments gives it some charm and would have resulted well in Lisbon.

#9 : "Na Party" Dilemma

This is all bright colours starting with the postcard and ending up on stage. A five elements band, three guys and two girls, one of them dressed as a pink dog (?). Before the performance, it looks like they are ready to dance at the party. And “the party” starts with the lead singer and the “dog” sitting on top of the dog house. This was dead last, both with the jury, the televote and the combined results. And the reason is that it is somehow awful… Lots of colours, LED silhouettes… but nothing more than a bland beep-bop-beep.

It is worth to watch again: