Netherlands at Eurovision

For our next #2020Points opportunity we are having a look at some of the 60 entries that the Netherlands have entered at Eurovision. This is a great opportunity to revisit old favorites or discover new songs. Each day, for the next 14 days, we will be giving you a clue to a song that has represented the Netherlands. You will need to tell us the title, artist and year of the song we have given you a clue for.

Each correct answer is worth 2 points, with one day (Day 5!) worth double. There is a total of 30 points available for this points opportunity. You can choose to provide your answers day by day, or all at once. Please remember though you can only enter one answer per form (so it you do them all at once you will need to submit 14 forms). All answers must be received by Noon CET on Friday 6th of September to be eligible for points.

Day 1 (19 August) - Clue:


Answer – Duncan Lawrence “Arcade” 2019

Day 2 (20 August) - Clue: We should only say Hello…

Answer – Linda Wagenmakers “No Goodbyes” 2000

Day 3 (21 August) - Clue: The very first Dutch entry that was performed in English

Answer – Mouth & MacNeal “I See A Star” 1974

Day 4 (22 August) - Clue: Named after a city in the Netherlands

Answer – Maggie MacNeal “Amsterdam” 1980

Day 5 (23 August) - Clue: The two songs that got nil points (WORTH DOUBLE - Please enter two titles, two artists and two years into the form below)

Answer – De Spelbrekers “Katinka” 1962 and Annie Palmen “Een speeldoos” 1963

Day 6 (24 August) - Clue: What your clock tells you (hint: you might need the help of google translate…)

Answer: Saskia & Sergey “Tijd” 1971 (“Time”)

Day 7 (25 August) - Clue: What is falling “…out of the sky like raindrops”?

Answer: Anouk “Birds” 2013

Day 8 (26 August) - Clue: The last song chosen though Nationaal Songfestival

Answer: Joan franka “You and me” 2012

Day 9 (27 August) - Clue:


Answer: Sieneke “Sha-la-lie” 2010

Day 10 (28 August) - Clue: The only song to not have been sung wholly in Dutch and/or English.

Answer: Treble “Amambanda” 2006

Day 11 (29 August) - Clue: The Dutch girlband who taught us everything has rhythm

Answer: Fizzle Shizzle “Alles heeft ritme” 1986

Day 12 (30 August) - Clue: Who has Blood on their boots and their back up buckle?

Answer: Waylon “Outlaw in ‘em” 2018

Day 13 (31 August) - Clue: The first act ever to win performing first in the running order

Answer: Teach-in “Ding-a-Dong” 1975

Day 14 (1 September) - Clue: One of the artists in this group had Duncan Lawrence in her The Voice of Holland team

Answer: The Common Linnets “Calm After The Storm” 2014

This points opportunity has now closed.