2019 Good Luck Messages

Each year, OGAE Rest of the World members record some creative good luck messages for each of the acts participating in Eurovision. If you would like to check out some of the fantastic videos our members made in previous years, you can find them here.

The Good Luck messages are a #2020Points opportunity, however this points opportunity is limited to 41 members (or groups of members). Each video is worth 10 points. Where more than one member participates in an individual video, the 10 points for that video will be divided equally between those members. All videos must be submitted by no later than noon CET on Sunday 21st April 2019. 

Expressions of interest have now closed.

Video Requirements

Make a video of yourself or get creative with a slide show or let your imagination run wild, to wish your artist good luck or best wishes for their performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv 2019.  The person who expressed the interest in making the video must be in the video themselves.

Please make sure that any pictures or videos that you use are not copyright.  If you play a soundtrack during your video remember that different songs have different copyright requirements throughout the world. Generally, if you play a small section of a song (or use a very generic song) then it should be ok.

Please remember that your video messages will be posted to the artists, composers and song writers. They will be uploaded to the Rest of the World YouTube channel and then tweeted or Instagram’d to the artist.  The message will also appear on our Facebook page. Once the videos are on these platforms, they will be visible to the entire world. 

Please be reminded that all videos must be in accordance with the OGAE Rest of the World Code of Conduct. Videos deemed non-compliant with the code of conduct will receive no points.

What’s required for content (guidelines)

⁃                Address who you are wishing luck or best wishes (The Artist or Band)

⁃                Introduce yourself and where you are from (City and Country)

⁃                IMPORTANT “From all of us at the Eurovision Fan Club OGAE (said “O” “G” “A” “E”) Rest of the World”

⁃                Wish them luck or best wishes for the song contest.

⁃                You might want to use a play on words referencing their song in your speech (but this is up to you)

For example (only a guideline - for Israel)

Hello Kobi, my name is Marcus and I live in Melbourne Australia.  From all of us at the Eurovision Fan club OGAE Rest of the World, we hope you have an amazing time and great success in Tel Aviv.  Take the Eurovision Trophy Home to Israel again this year!!!

What is required (technical specs)

⁃                maximum 30 second recording

⁃                MPEG, AVI or mp4 format

⁃                Preferably film the video in landscape direction.

Once you have completed the Good Luck Message please send via one of the following methods

-       https://wetransfer.com/ (please send to contact@ogaerotw.com email address)

-       From your Google drive to contact@ogaerotw.com Google Drive

-       Dropox, please send to contact@ogaerotw.com

Please do not email your video as the fie size can cause issues, please use the above methods or contact Marcus at contact@ogaerotw.com to discuss alternative arrangements.