2018 Good Luck Messages

Each year, OGAE Rest of the World members record some creative good luck messages for each of the acts participating in Eurovision. If you would like to check out some of the fantastic videos our members made last year you can find them here.

The Good Luck messages are a #2019Points opportunity, however this points opportunity is limited to 43 members or groups. Each video is worth 10 points. Where more than one member participates in an individual video, the 10 points for that video will be divided equally between those members.

Video Requirements

Make a video of yourself or get creative with a slide show or let your imagination run wild, to wish your artist good luck or best wishes for their performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal 2018.

Please make sure that any pictures or videos that you use are not copyright. Also if you play a soundtrack during your video remember that different songs have different copyright requirements throughout the world. Generally if you play a small section of a song (or use a very generic song) then it should be ok. YouTube may ban the video if this is breached.

Please remember that your video messages will be posted to the artists, composers and song writers. They will be uploaded to our the Rest of the a World YouTube channel and the tweeted, Facebooked or Instagramed. Once they are there they on these platforms they will be visible to the world.

What’s required for content:
- Say who you are wishing luck to / best wishes
- Introduce yourself and where you are from
- IMPORTANT “From all of us at the Eurovision Fan Club OGAE (said “O” “G” “A” “E”) Rest of the World”
- You might want to use a play on words referencing their song in your speech (but this is up to you)
- Wish them luck or best wishes for the song contest.

For example (only a guideline - for Israel)

Hello Netta, my name is Marcus and I live in Sydney Australia. From all of us at the Eurovision Fan club OGAE Rest of the World, we hope you have an amazing time and great success in Lisbon in May. Maybe look out for me I’ll be screaming the loudest but I’m not a Toy!

What is required (technical specs)
- maximum 30 second recording
- MPEG, AVI or mp4 format
- Preferably film the video in landscape direction.

Once you have completed your video please follow this procedure

1. Click on the link and open the following website https://www.wesendit.com/

2.  If you accept the terms PRESS ACCEPT


3.  Find the file you wish to send on your device (laptop, phone) and upload it to the site

4. EMAIL RECIPIENT is contact@ogaerotw.com

5. Enter YOUR email address

6. MESSAGE - Please put your Name and the Country of your good luck video

7.  Press SEND button

8.  Once sent I will confirm with an email


Any problems contact Marcus on contact@ogaerotw.com.

All videos are to be submitted no later than 15 April 2018.

Country Member
Sean Casey
Armenia Alberto Delgado
Australia Kevin Fansler
Austria Michaela Sowden
Azerbaijan Alper Yurtseven
Belarus John Martin
Belgium Luc Spencer-Gardner
Bulgaria Richard Isaac
Croatia Kyle Woods
Cyprus Dennis Flores
Czech Republic Ariana Spencer-Gardner
Denmark Jose Luise Abaya
Estonia Aaron Paraiso
Finland Michele Acott
France Luis Braga
Georgia Kent Acott
Germany Katharina Krause-Boger
Greece Anjoum Noorani
Hungary Phil McNulty
Iceland Chris Zeiher
Ireland James Lindley
Israel Darren George
Italy Nicolas G. Mancini-Suarez
Latvia Ronny Addamo
Lithuania Michelle Stigwood
Macedonia Wayne Ralph
Malta Alex White
Moldova Roy Van der Merwe
Montenegro Eduardo Lobo
Netherlands Sascha Stolp
Norway Marcus Davey
Poland Edward Till
Portugal Vincent Colagiuri
Romania Stephen Stigwood
Russia Mike Whalley
San Marino Mirko Hernandez
Serbia Beth Hackney
Slovenia Sevket Yigit
Spain Clarel Rodrigue
Sweden Fred Medeiros
Switzerland Alan Tubery
Ukraine William Fedor
United Kingdom Stuart DAddona