#2018 Points - Treasure Hunt

Please note the Treasure hunt has now closed. We received the following entries (green denotes we received it). If you believe you sent an entry that is not reflected in the table, please email contact@ogaerotw.com to let us know. We will start sharing your entries soon!

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
Aaron Paraiso            
Alan Tubery            
Alper Yurtseven            
Andrew Bayley            
Andrew Scott            
Anjoum Noorani            
Ashley Dean            
Belinda Conn            
Beth H            
Chris Hockman            
Chris Zeiher            
Cindy Zhang            
Clarel Rodrigue            
Craig Hardie            
Darren Tompsett            
David Alejandro de la Cuadra Perez            
Dean Cheley            
Dennis Flores            
Dimitri Karagianides            
Eduardo Lobo            
Edward Till            
Enrique Cordova            
Enrique Lopez de Vallejo            
Fred Medeiros            
James Lindley            
Jason Watkins            
Jo Baker            
Joe Chandrapala            
Johnny Kollin            
Jonathan Wood            
Jose Luise Abaya            
Joseph Griffin            
Juan Camilo Barrero            
Kate Krause            
Kelan Berwick            
Kent Acott            
Kevin Fansler            
Kirstin Benson            
Kyle Woods            
Luc Spencer-Gardner            
Lucia Carolina Ortiz            
Luis Braga            
Luke Brighty            
Mahmoud El Achi            
Marcus Davey            
Mario Galindo            
Matt Buchholz            
Matt MacDonald            
Michael Wing Lun            
Michaela Sowden            
Michele Acott            
Michelle Stigwood            
Mirko Hernandez            
Natalie Richards            
Niall Drennan            
Nicholas Mancini-Suarez            
Nick Bradshaw            
Nick Poteri            
Nigel Bond            
Nikke Allen            
Osmar Valdebenito            
Paulaina Patricia Ferrao            
Peter Fry            
Richard Isaac            
Ronny Addamo            
Roy Van der Merwe            
Sascha Stolp            
Sevket Yigit            
Steve Stigwood            
Stuart D            
Tim Bulman            
Tony Peter            
Tricia Flores            
Vincent Colagiuri            
Wayne Ralph            
William Fedor            

There will be six items to ‘collect’. You can collect as few or as many as you want to – but you will only receive points for the ones you do collect. There is a maximum of 30 points on offer for each member that participates.

You may only send one (1) entry per member. Please do not send your six items separately. If you wish to provide all six items they must be sent in a single email.

All material must be original, and must be yours. It can be an old photograph (ie. the photos requested below do not need to have been taken in September), but you must own the copyright. If we suspect an image has been taken from elsewhere on the internet we will check it on Google images, and if found to not be original you will not receive points for that item.

All entries must be emailed to contact@ogaerotw.com no later than Noon CET on 27 September. Please use “Treasure Hunt Entry” as the subject of your email. We will also accept a Google Drive folder shared with the contact@ogaerotw.com email address if items are too large for email (however please note large items could cause hosting issues when we share, so please keep this in mind when sizing them).

Please remember that the items you submit will be shared with other members of the Club and on either our Facebook group or Website (or both). If there are other people in the images, it is up to you to seek their permission to share them.

The six items we are looking for are set out below, alongside the number of points that each are worth:

1.     A photo of yourself, with something Eurovision related (hat, t-shirt, scarf, CD etc – essentially anything with the Eurovision logo), taken in a country that does NOT participate at Eurovision (a ‘Rest of the World’ country). Please provide the location of the photo in the caption. Now before anyone that lives in a participating country starts crying foul - we do say above that we want you to get creative in this points opportunity, so maybe you could spend some quality time with your old friend Photoshop? (2 Points)

2.     A video of you performing a Eurovision song of your choice. The video should be a maximum of 30 seconds in length (20-30 seconds in length ideal). The performance can be you singing, lip syncing, a dramatic (spoken word) reading of lyrics, a rap or even an interpretative dance or mime. Get creative! (8 Points)

3.      A picture of yourself either at Eurovision or at a Eurovision party. Make sure you let us know which year it was. (2 Points)

4.     Write a poem themed around Eurovision. The poem can take any format including limericks and haikus. (8 Points)

5.     A YouTube link to the performance you would show someone who has never before watched Eurovision to introduce them to the contest. Please also provide 25 words or less to explain why you chose that performance. (4 Points)

6.     A photo of a Eurovision themed craft or cooking project you were involved in. (6 Points)