Ticket List EOI

(Updated - 30 October with table version 3)

We have closed the expression of interest process for the ticket list. We have submitted our numbers to OGAE International per their deadline and as a result cannot accept further names. 

A reminder that the provision of fan club tickets from the host broadcaster are not guaranteed and we are still awaiting news from Portugal. We have no information at this stage as to what the cost will be, but as a guide in previous years they have been in excess of 300 Euro per person (that should be the minimum you budget for this - and you should have access to this money now. Tickets tend to go on sale with very little notice and you are usually required to pay for fan tickets within 24 to 48 hours of being told you have one). We are expecting there to be a high demand for tickets across all clubs this year, so please remember we are unlikely to receive sufficient tickets for all who are interested in buying one (so everyone should prepare themselves to buy through the public sale just in case). 

This list below has been prioritised based on our club ticket policy. Tickets will be allocated in the order the names are seen below (for example - if we got only one ticket, that would go to Ronny). Where two or more names appear one after another and are followed by a *, this reflects a points sharing arrangement. 

If your plans have changed and you no longer intend to purchase a ticket if one is offered to you, please email us to have your name removed from the list. Also note that any ticket you purchase must be used by you, and you only. You cannot sell or give it to someone else. You can only access these tickets if you have a valid OGAE Membership card (or have one currently ordered). 

If you believe any of the information below is incorrect please email us urgently so that we can look into it.

First Name Last name Total A or B
Ronny* Addamo 458 A
Luc* Spencer-Gardner 458 A
Michele* Acott 374.5 A
Kent* Acott 374.5 A
Niall* Drennan 281.5 A
Chris* Zeiher 281.5 A
Sevket*  Yigit 269 A
Alper* Yurtseven 269 A
Nikke Allen 263 A
Michaela Sowden 258 A
Roy Van der Merwe 252 A
Aaron* Paraiso 243 A
William* Fedor 243 A
Belinda  Conn 237 A
Kyle  Woods 237 A
Dennis* Flores 235 A
Tricia* Flores 235 A
Edward Till 234.5 A
Sascha* Stolp 234.5 A
Marcus Davey 234 A
Eduardo Lobo 233 A
Fred Medeiros 232 A
Craig* Hardie 228 A
Peter* Fry 228 A
Darren George 219 A
Tony* Peter 215 A
Wayne*  Ralph 215 A
Enrique  Lopez de Vallejo 209 A
Phill  Beames 207 A
Rodrigo  Hidalgo 204 A
Nigel* Bond 199 A
Anjoum* Noorani 199 A
Vincent Colagiuri 196 A
Nicolas Mancini-Suarez 195 A
Richard* Isaac 191 A
Kevin* Fansler 191 A
Chris Hockman 179 A
Dimitri  Karagianides 174 A
Luke* Brighty 172 A
Michael* Wing Lun 172 A
Alan Tubery 171 A
Michelle* Stigwood 170 A
Stephen* Stigwood 170 A
Osmar Valdebenito 169 A
Kate Krause 165 A
Jason* Watkins 163 A
Andrew* Bayley 163 A
Andrew Scott 161 A
Matt MacDonald 159 A
Asheley Dean 157 A
Tim Bulman 147 A
Joe Chandrapala 143 A
Mike Whalley 139 A
Matthew Buchholz 138 A
Mirko Hernandez 137 A
Dean Cheley 133 A
Mircea Branga 129 A
Beth* Hackney 123 A
Stuart* D'Addona 123 A
Joanne Baker 119 A
Nicole Thomas 116 A
Johnny Kollin 106 A
Jose Luise Abaya 104 A
Edward Harvey 85 A
Jamie Gray 80 A
Joshua Carr 80 A
Chris Helger Rodes 80 A
Mark Foster 75 A
Andre Durham 74 A
Matthew Stinson 71 A
Andrew Cubeboi 56 A
Edward Okulicz 55 A
Nick  Sowden 51 A
Bernardo Ordas 50 A
Andrew Bettiol 48 A
Mario* Galindo 44 A
Nick* Poteri 44 A
Damien Bernath 42 A
Jorge  Esteban Salzar Capon 40 A
Cody* Sisco 36 A
Jay* Fennelly 36 A
Natalie Richards 163 B
Kirstin  Benson 155 B
Jonathan  Wood 148 B
David Alejandro* De La Cudra Perez 144 B
Juan Camilo* Barrero 144 B
Kelan Berwick 135 B
Clarel Rodrigue 120 B
Cindy Zh 112 B
Kenneth* Campos 110 B
Alberto* Delgado 110 B
Enrique  Cordova 95 B
Paulaina Ferrao 94 B
Jaime  Rivera 85 B
Max Courval 78 B
Lucia Pacheco 70 B
Tanner Jeffers 61 B
James* Lindley 59 B
Luis* Braga 59 B
Albert* Lowe 59 B
Sean* Cleveland 59 B
Caetan Bezault 50 B
Emilio Gonzalez 50 B
Guillaume Malingri de Bagnolo 50 B
Hanna Ordas 50 B
Mary Guardia 50 B
Tiago Silveira Neves 50 B
Patrick  McClesky 48 B
Christian* Sanabria 47 B
Manuel* Fallas 47 B
Kaspar Laks 46 B
Tony Kuko 34 B
Jack Kelly 26 C
Amela Sinanovic 20 C
Brooke Sheridan 20 C
Sonja Anderson 20 C
Helly Mansen 18 C
Sophie Lloyd 17 C
Vladislav Montiel 10 C
David  Thielen 5 C
Shirley Thielen 4 C
Ellenor Argyropoulos 0 C
Valter Di Girolamo 0 C
Beau Burton-Senior 0 C
Kit Burton-Senior 0 C
Jorge Vasquez Larreina 0 C
Kyle Boss 0 C
Cesar Garcia 0 C
Paul (Kritpol) Ampunun 0 C
Goran Mitevski 0 C
Gernot Schwalm 0 C
Maja Mrvaljevic 0 C
Carlo Vialu 0 C
Valery  Bessmertnyy 0 C
Jay  Adams 0 C
Adalberto Iglesias 0 C
Heather Harmon 0 C
Nicholas Breust 0 C
Pablo  Monestel Gamboa 0 C