National Selections for Lisbon

In the lead up to Kiev we loved reading the reports that members wrote updating everyone else in the club on the national selections (and direct selections) happening across Europe (and Australia). As a result, we will again have a dedicated blog for members to contribute to in the lead up to Lisbon.

Members who nominate to participate will be assigned a country to report on. The ‘reports’ will form a blog here on the website to keep members up to date with national and direct selections. More detail on what is required will be provided in late November. If you'd like to see the ones written for Kiev, you can check them out here.

Just like last year, countries will be assigned through a ballot. If more than 42 people nominate to participate, then multi-stage national selections (for example Sweden) will be broken down into their heats and different members will be assigned different stages of the contest to report on to allow more people to participate. For countries with a direct selection, only one member will be assigned. Each blog post written will be worth 20 points towards the #2019Points list.

You can write as a team of two members. In this instance the points available will be shared equally between the two members (10 points each).

Nominations are now open, and will close on 24 November (at Noon CET). To nominate, you will need to complete the form below.

If you are the only member who has requested to report on a specific country, then it will be assigned to you. If more than one person requests a specific country, then a random draw will take place to decide who is assigned that country. If less than 42 people nominate to participate, then it will be opened up for members to volunteer to report on more than one country if they wish.

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If none of your preferred countries are available, are you happy to be assigned one randomly? *