Hello everyone

Sounds Like Eurovision Competition has now finished.

Please find below the solutions

Over the coming days I will be sending the allocated points so the Points table can be updated. Thank you all to participated.

Year 2018 - Sound Byte one

Cyprus - Fuego

Slovenia - Hvala, Ne!

Finland - Monsters

Malta - Taboo

Latvia - Funny Girl


Year 2016 - Sound Byte Two

Israel - Made of Stars

Russia - the only one

Spain - Say Yay!

Belgium - What’s the Pressure

Lithuania - I’ve been waiting for this night


Year 1987 - Sound Byte Three

Ireland - Hold Me now

Netherlands - Rechtop in the wind

Israel - Shir Habatlanim

Germany - Lass die Sonne in dein Herz

United Kingdom - Only the light


Year 2011 - Sound Byte Four

Hungary - What about my dreams

Norway - Haba Haba

Sweden - Popular

Denmark - New Tomorrow

Armenia - Boom Boom


Year 2014 - Sound Byte Five

Romania - Miracle

Spain - Dancing in the Rain

Moldova - Wild Soul

Armenia - Not alone

Sweden - Undo