Bon Soir Europe, et Bonjour Australie!


Thank you all for nominating and voting for our favourite non-English Eurovision entry of all time.  We received an incredible 160 song nominations consisting of 32 different languages.

Over the first 2 rounds we used your votes and narrowed them down to your favourite 25 entries entries of all time. These where a wonderfully diverse mix of songs sung in 21 languages and covering the last 5 decades.

Round 3 - and an overwhelming amount of votes were received.  These were verified, triple checked and released to allow for the winner to be announced.

In the end, it was a very tight race for that top spot.


So who won?


To find out, watch this video revealing our top 10!


Would you like to see the results in more detail?  Click here to reveal the Scoreboard of all 25 entries in our Super-Final: