Below is a list of all of the members who expressed an interest in being on the ticket list for 2019. A few points to note:

  • We have no information on tickets at this point, and there is no guarantee OGAE will be offered fan packages as in previous years.

  • Expressing an interest does not guarantee you a ticket. Any tickets the club is allocated will be distributed based on our ticket policy.

  • The list below is in order based on the ticket policy and the points list.

  • Being on the list at this early stage does not commit you to purchasing a ticket if one is offered.

  • If you requested to share points with someone this has been applied in the table below.

If there is any questions or corrections that need to be made, please email us at contact@ogaerotw.com

Please note that expressions of interest closed on 31 October 2018 and new names cannot be added to the list at this stage.

List is as at 2 February.

Member Name Seating/Standing Sharing Points with Group Points
Kyle Woods Standing   A 261
Belinda Conn No preference   A 234
Marcus Davey Standing   A 231
Luc Spencer-Gardner  Standing Ronny Addamo  A 228
Ronny Addamo  Standing Luc spencer A 228
Niall Drennan Standing Chris Zeiher  A 224.5
Chris Zeiher Standing Niall Drennan A 224.5
Aaron Paraiso Standing   A 201
Edward Till Seated Sascha Stolp A 200.5
Sascha Stolp Seated Edward Till A 200.5
Darren George Standing   A 200.5
Fred Medeiros Standing   A 200.5
Sevket Yigit No preference   A 205.5
Jose Luise Abaya Standing   A 196
Katharina Krause-Boger Standing   A 191
Osmar Valdebenito Standing   A 184.5
Mike Whalley Standing   A 182
Michaela sowden Standing   A 178
Joe Chandrapala Seated   A 165.5
Anjoum Noorani Standing   A 164.5
Nicola Allen Seated***   A 162.5
Djamel Adja Standing   A 158.5
Matt MacDonald Standing   A 157
Alan Tubery Seated   A 150
James (Dimitri) Karagianides Standing   A 150
Evan Stewart No preference   A 141
Matthew Buchholz Standing   A 141
Damian Ariel Bernath Standing Jorge Salazar Capon A 140
Jorge Esteban Salazar Capon Standing Damian Ariel Bernath A 140
Nicolas G. Mancini Suarez No preference   A 139.5
Jesus Mirko Hernandez Alfaro No preference   A 138
Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo Standing   A 138
Luis Omar Chong Lopez No preference   A 136.5
Andrew Scott Standing   A 131
Jack Lawson Standing   A 118
Ilya Marin No preference   A 106.5
Guillaume Malingri de Bagnolo No preference   A 95
Ruben Ovando No preference   A 62
Sonja Anderson Standing   A 47
Scott Parsons No preference William Freitas A 44.5
William Freitas Seated Scott Parsons A 44.5
Kyle Boss Standing   A 42
Shirley Thielen Seated David Thielen  A 30
David Thielen Seated Shirley Thielen A 30
Alan Nachtigal No preference   B 95
Val Bochner Standing   B 83
Marcos Cortes Standing   B 80.5
Michael Jones-Gomez No preference Zac Jones-Gomez B 72
Zac Jones-Gomez No preference Michael Jones-Gomez B 72
Chris Dominey Standing   B 67
Darren Spedale Seated   B 58
David McKean No preference   B 54
Aleksandar (Alex) Goranov No preference   B 46
Glenn Wuyts No preference   B 39.5
Avner Koplowicz Standing Michael Defazio  B 38.5
Michael DeFazio Standing Avner Koplowicz B 38.5
Ellise Newman No preference Dylan Reid  B 31
Dylan Reid  No preference Ellise Newman B 31
Joe Newman-Getzler No preference   B 31
Johnny Kollin Standing   C 24
Nadav Shem Tov Standing   C 14.5
Keshav Tyagi Seated   C 8
Diego Valdez Rojas Standing   C 3
Manuel Fallas Standing   C 2
Bernardo Ordas Standing   C 1
Adrian Lorney Standing   C 0
Asta Zelenkauskaite No preference   C 0
Brian Donlan Seated Todd Arp C 0
Daniel Schatz No preference   C 0
David Libter No preference   C 0
Frida Schatz  No preference   C 0
Moehlmann, Karl-Matthias Standing   C 0
Noel Posus Standing   C 0
Thorsten Kueppers  Standing   C 0
Todd Arp Seated Brian Donlan C 0
Vidhyashankar Venkataraman Standing   C 0
Vivie Golubtchik Seated   C 0