2019 OGAE Second Chance Contest

OGAE Rest of the World is looking for the song that will represent our club in the 2019 OGAE Second Chance contest. The songs below have been deemed eligible for pre-selection for OGAE Rest of the World. We would like the help of our members to decide which song will represent us!

All you need to do is watch all of the videos below and then decide which are your top three. You can then go to the voting form at the bottom of this page and give your favorite song 5 points, your second favorite 3 points and your third favorite 1 point. The song with the most points will be submitted as our entry.

OGAE Italy are (as the 2018 winner) our hosts for 2019, and we will provide an update on voting for the full contest when it is available.

Voting has now CLOSED.

The songs to select from are:

1. Moldova - Vera Țurcanu "Cold"                   

2. Moldova - Marcela Scripcaru "Meteor"                  

3. Moldova - Siaj "Olimp"  

4. Moldova - Maxim Zavidia "I Will Not Surrender"                

5. Georgia – Liza Kalandadze – “Sevdisferi zgva (Sad Sea)”

6. Georgia - Giorgi Pruidze – “Me mjera (I Believe)”

7. Montenegro - Andrea Demirović “Ja sam ti san" (I am your dream)”

8. Montenegro - Monika Knezović "Nepogrješivo" (Unmistakable)”

9. Montenegro - Ivana Popović-Martinović “Nevinost" (Innocence)” 

10. Montenegro - Nina Petković “Uzmi ili ostavi" (Take it or leave it)”