National Selections for Lisbon

Please see the table below to find out which national selection that you'll be reporting on! If the name of the country is red then there is room for more people to join that team (please note that this is ONLY for people that have not been allocated a country already). There will be a limited number of opportunities to add people who did not nominate during November.

The ‘reports’ will form a blog here on the website to keep members up to date with national and direct selections. If you'd like to see the ones written for Kiev and get a feel for the kind of information people included last year, you can check them out here.

We are looking for reports that are between 200 and 500 words each. You may also provide YouTube links or images related to the performance(s) or winner. We just ask in relation to images that when you provide them, you also provide a source for the image so we can credit it properly. Each report submitted is worth 20 points for #2019Points.

The reports should be emailed to and should include "National Selection Report <COUNTRY NAME>" in the title. We would prefer that these be submitted within a few days of the specific selection you are reporting on.

For the multi stage selections there are teams of people assigned in order to maximise the number of people participating (France and Sweden being the biggest). We would ask that you all agree as a group how to split the work between yourselves (for example - Sweden was one of the most popular countries so we assigned one person for each heat and the finals. You will need to decide between yourselves who will cover each specific heat/final. We will not accept 5 separate reports for the same heat - we would like each member of the team to cover a single heat or final so that we can read about the whole contest). For those where there are two or three of you, you may join up and provide a combined report for each round if you wish. In those circumstances we would divide the twenty points equally for each post (as the points are allocated per report not per person).

We look forward to reading your reviews between now and March as the selections take place.

Albania Mike Whalley      
Armenia Jefford Ray Mamacus      
Australia Beth H      
Austria Kent Acott      
Azerbaijan Michele Acott      
Belarus Jose Luise Abaya      
Belgium Nigel Bond      
Bulgaria Alan Wilson      
Croatia Roy Van der Merwe      
Cyprus Rachel Guttler      
Czech Republic Guillaume Malingri de Bagnolo      
Denmark Cody Sisco      
Estonia Edward Okulicz Stuart D Kyle Woods  
Finland Aaron Paraiso      
France Caetan Yann Bezault Michael Wing Lun Djamel Adja  
    Matt MacDonald    
Georgia Sanel Hadziahmetovic Jurida      
Germany Katharina Krause-boger Phill Beames William Freitas  
Greece Anjoum Noorani      
Hungary Ronny Addamo Wayne Ralph    
Iceland Nicola Allen Chris Zeiher Tony Peter  
Ireland Niall Drennan      
Israel Marcus Davey Matt Buchholz    
Italy Nicolas G. Mancini-Suarez      
Latvia Nathan Mountford Chris Hockman    
Lithuania Mahmoud El Achi      
Macedonia Nick Bradshaw      
Malta Belinda Conn      
Moldova Michelle Stigwood      
Montenegro Natalie Richards      
Netherlands Sascha Stolp      
Norway Cindy Zhang      
Poland Edward Till       
Portugal Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo Vincent Colagiuri    
Romania Luc Spencer-Gardner Ariana Spencer-Gardner    
Russia Osmar Valdebenito      
San Marino Manuel Fallas Christian Sanabria    
Serbia Stephen Stigwood      
Slovenia Sevket Yigit      
Spain Clarel Rodrigue Enrique López de Vallejo Tiago Silveira Neves  
Sweden Dennis Flores Mirko Hernandez Eduardo Lobo Alper Yurtseven
    Fred Medeiros Scott Parsons  
Switzerland Luke Brighty      
Ukraine William Fedor      
United Kingdom Darren George